Красота для лентяек

Год: 2016
Автор: Джой Пенто, Жюли Левуайе, Соледад Брави
Издательство: Эксмо
Эта полная полезных советов книга-тренинг обучит вас искусству быть красивой с головы до пят без опустошения кошелька и курса обучения в институте красоты. В программе тренинга: как определить свой тип кожи и волос и подобрать правильный косметический уход; как подобрать макияж, подходящий к тому или иному событию; как достичь идеальной формы бровей и найти свою красную помаду; какие косметические средства и инструменты должны быть в арсенале каждой женщины; как ухаживать за кожей головы и волосами; как легко сделать красивую прическу для любого типа волос; как выбрать духи на всю жизнь.

108 Replies to “Красота для лентяек”

  1. everyone just wanted to tell you that it’s gonna be alright just let it go and be happy

  2. Thx everyone this is the best night ever I hope u all became better we are all with ya ❤️

  3. Trying to sleep since 8 Hours, depression hit harder every day every night. Cant live normally… Sad



  5. I am a mother of a small baby, I have postnatal depression and I’m sleep deprived all the time. Some days everything just feels like too much. This music helped me feel better today. Thank you. ❤️

  6. My ex girlfriend just moved back to her country we’ve been together for 10yrs we promise to build our own family together but after 5days she got a new girlfriend and left me

  7. You.
    Yes, you.
    The one reading this.
    You are special.
    You are unique.
    Don’t let anyone take that away from you.
    Don’t let anyone try to break you down.
    And if they do, there is nowhere to go once you are at the lowest point.
    Nowhere except up.
    No matter how bad it is currently, it will get better. It won’t stay like this forever.

    Just remember, that even on the darkest of nights,

    the sun will still rise in the morning.

  8. O som e essa edição transbordam o divino. Obrigada por essa seleção de imagens e por esse som maravilhoso. Salvei esse vídeo para sempre, porque ele me salvou.

  9. Listening to this serenity on my break ..just to get away from the this world called life thank you for your beautiful music ..much needed

  10. Multiple health issue with me but doctors dont help and how am I supposed to explain all the problem to this world am tired I really am.

  11. Нежная успакающея песьня мне нравится больше всего

  12. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and this specific video calms me down before I have one within minutes. Thank you so much.

  13. If your like me looking through the comments at 6:58 in the morning hoping you wont have to get up, remember that today is a new day, and anything can happen!

    Sending Love, -Florida

  14. Tous les soirs j’écoute cette musique si c’est le cas aussi pour vous dites le moi ?

  15. If you’re reading this, I’m up at 2:00 am constantly thinking of someone I love that doesn’t love me back . I was going to give up my life for what I was going through, and still have thoughts of it sometimes. Idc about me rn this is for whoever reads this. You’re not alone I love you

  16. The sound and this edition overflows with the divine. Thank you for this selection of images and for this wonderful sound. I saved this video forever because it saved me.

  17. Its been a week I didnt sleep at all! Trying this for the first time, lets see

  18. If you’re reading this stop flipping through the comments, listen to the peaceful music and go to sleep

  19. I love that you can’t find a dislike on any comments, this shows how everyone witnesses the same problems as one another and want to find the best way to resolve them.

  20. I watched this cause someone got rejected in my anime and I cringed rlly bad this helped me

  21. If you read this, anyone, stay strong. You woke up today for a reason. So many people care about you and you are loved even tho you may not think so. I care about you even tho I don’t know you. Now.. luv u.

  22. Stop looking at the comments. Get some sleeeep……….zzzZZ

  23. Full Screen, Brightness Down, Flip Phone Over, Sleep Peacefully. Tomorrow will be fine!

  24. Nature is so beautiful. I feel peace. I would like to die in Natures arms rather than this cruel world.

  25. hey you.
    yes you.
    stop scrolling.
    just stop.
    You are eventually gonna die
    Probably in pain
    Have a great night!

  26. I’m not gonna lie but I listen to this every night and I’m not tired of it ❤️

  27. Thank you so much for the perfect video beautiful video!!!
    Have a great healty time forever please!!!

    1. We stay all perfect and become completely healthy thank you universes Familys!!

      Have a perfect healthy time forever please!!!

      Thank you very much dear video!!!

  28. We are in this together you were never alone. We love you dearly and are excited to finally meet.

  29. Нарвание ролика по кирилице а комент на английском, автор ты где? А музыка обалденная.

  30. Thank you all for the amazing comments, made my day to whomever reading this right now I hope youll have a blessed day keep going you can make it ❤️

  31. Anyone else listen to this every night so it ends up in ur recommended during night time

  32. Это не музыка успокаивающая, а раздражающий набор звуков

  33. Thank you…. just thank you for showing me the brightness that a soul can sometimes have. If only we were all loved as much as everyone loves each other here…. life would become paradise…..

  34. Breath everything will be fine no matter who you are life is hard but you can overcome it❤️

  35. Im here because I have anxiety right now. The Uber driver that took me home is giving unnecessary comments, it made me uncomfortable and had a panic attack. Now Im so scared to stay at home alone so I book a hotel to stay for tonight.

  36. Guyz Just listen life is too short
    Soo enjoy your life nd always be happy where ever u are

  37. I love all the positivity in this comment section, feedback like this is very rare.

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